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Ideally, after graduating, I would like to return to working and living in London. As Debenhams have offered me a job as an experienced trainee assistant buyer I would like to return to their Head Office and continue working within the Menswear division. I would hope to be promoted to an Assistant Buyer within 18 months, becoming a Buyer by 2014/ 2015. Following my year working for Debenhams I feel this is achievable through their career development programme, providing I am given adequate opportunities and work hard to prove myself as capable.

Aside from my career I also have a very keen interest in travelling, exploring cultures I do not know much about and volunteering to help those less fortunate than myself. I would like to take a year out whilst still young and lively enough to enjoy the experience without needing home comforts! Currently I am thinking the best time to set off on my voyage would be once I have completed one year as an Assistant Buyer. I hope this experience would not hinder my career development as the fashion industry is truly global considering the majority of manufacturing and sourcing companies are based in the less developed world. I would be very interested to use contacts I have made through work as further discovery into the industry by possibly visiting and working within the supply chain. This would be a huge advantage when returning to work as it would help build a stronger relationship with suppliers as I could relate to their situation more easily and gain a better understanding to improve how the supply network functions.

My top 5 travel destinations are:
  1. Mexico
  2. India
  3. Nicaragua
  4. Cambodia
  5. South Africa